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Kamida, LLC – Co-founder and CTO. We create mobile social media applications. Things you can play on your phone with your friends. Find out more here.

ConQwest – cameraphone based large scale scavenger hunt more information available at Kamida site or Dennis Crowley’s ITP site.

Pierrophone – handheld gestural MIDI controller featured at ITP Thesis Performance in NYC, NIME04 Conference in Japan. Video (AVI, 8.7Mb).

Socialight – mobile social networking application created with Daniel Melinger, Karen Bonna, Mohit Santram featured at ITP Spring Show 2004, Engadget, Guardian UK.

All The Right Bits – multimedia performance created with Scott Fitzgerald performed at Tisch Spring Festival 2004.

Stranglophone – novel gestural MIDI controller featured at Tonic in NYC, NIME03 in Montreal, NIME04 Conference in Japan Video (AVI, 6.4Mb).

Catalyst - socially enabled multimedia groupware tool created with Ron Goldin, Andrea Roscoe, Diego Bauducco featured at ITP Winter Show 2003.

23¢ stories - non-linear postcard narrative set in NYC created with Manlio LoConte and Lian Chang featured at ITP Winter Show 2003, Kaliber1000, TimeOutNY.

Lipsynth - animatronic synthesizer created with Daniel Hirschmann and Taku Lippit featured at ITP Winter Show 2003.

Coffee Table - networked interactive table created with Kentaro Okuda and Kenneth Haller featured at ITP Spring Show 2003.

Terrorist ID Kit – satirical anti-war protest site created with Ariel Churi, Courtney Rowe and Daniel Holtzman.

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