Camp for iPhone Developers

Iphone Developers

I’m helping to organize a Barcamp-style iPhone Development hackathon at Brooklyn Polytechnic later this month. Our official blurb describes the event as follows:

iPhoneDevCampNYC will bring together iPhone developers, explorers, professionals, and owners, to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of development on the iPhone. Topics may include – but are not limited to – learning the SDK, hacking your own phone, the limitations of the SDK, iPhone entrepreneurship, and software demos. There will be some computers with the SDK installed available for use during the event.

What can you talk about at iPhoneDevCampNYC?

You can talk about anything related to iPhone development, from code to business practices, all is welcome. If you have a topic to discuss, a problem to pose, or a session to present, check out the sessions/schedule page on the wiki and then register to attend. (the password is c4mp)

Where is iPhoneDevCampNYC?

Polytechnic University Brooklyn Campus
Rogers Hall (building A on the map)
start in RH215 (there will be signs)
Six Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(iPhoneDevCampNYC is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.)

Swing on by if you’re interested in hacking, chatting or just generally geeking out about iPhones.

Thanks for the image Niall Kennedy!