Gentlemen, start your App Engines

App Engine

Google’s new App Engine looks like an all-in-one version of Amazon’s cloud computing stack with a few differences. Here’s how things stack up:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs Google’s App Engine
EC2 virtual server, use any language. Dynamic webserving, using Python
S3 persistent storage Google File System (GFS) – data storage
SimpleDB – database BigTable – database with queries, sorting, transactions using SQL-like language
Send mail using exim / sendmail / whatever on EC2 Google APIs for authenticating users and sending email
Add EC2 instances as required Automatic scaling and load balancing

I’ll need to dig in a little deeper to this before I can declare an outright winner, but I do like the first app I played with – the humble To-Done app pictured below:

ToDone App

Learn more about it from Google’s official blog, Techcrunch, SAI and many others.