Category: Fun

  • Everything old is new again.

    I just saw that David Hasselhoff is tipped to star in a new Knight Rider series?. This is awesome for so many reasons, not least of which is my deep and abiding respect for talking cars, extra-cheesy storylines and my namesake. Needless to say, I’m pretty damn stoked about this one…

  • Falling in love with Ingo Maurer

    After Nora dragged me off to the last day of his show at the Cooper-Hewitt, I have a serious crush on Ingo and his endlessly inventive stream of playful, witty lighting installations.

  • 36 Hours in Cape Town

    CAPE Town is South Africa’s Los Angeles to Johannesburg’s New York — the glitzy, gorgeous, self-obsessed foil to its grittier, more serious and more powerful big sister. The New York Times has a decent mini-guide to Cape Town, but they skip out so much of what’s great about the city. I’ll add some of my […]

  • My high school, in the New York Times.

    As is my habit lately, I was flipping through the online version of the New York Times this morning, when I came across an article about the release of the matric results in South Africa. To my surprise, they focused on my old high school – Greenside – and included a quote from my old […]

  • Rockenspiel and the Roamin’ Catholics trumped by Skull Sküll and the Weekend Nachos

    Jason Santa Maria’s Best Band Names Ever list has just been topped by The Onion’s Worst Band Names Of ’07. I was chuckling the whole time, snorting and hooting at certain points and wondering just how many of these seemed like great ideas after staying up for three nights in a row on mushrooms, speed […]