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  • Octocat revelation at Pictoplasma.

    I’ve just had a fantastic day at the Pictoplasma conference in NYC watching hours of character art and design, from the rampantly hallucinogenic visions of David Oreilly and Friends With You to the simplified forms of Akinori Oishi and the prodigious output of Studio AKA. One of the more interesting talks was David Oreilly’s, where…

  • May I take your order?

    May I take your order? Probably one of the best examples of Engrish / Manglish I’ve ever seen. Classic.

  • Falling in love with Ingo Maurer

    After Nora dragged me off to the last day of his show at the Cooper-Hewitt, I have a serious crush on Ingo and his endlessly inventive stream of playful, witty lighting installations.

  • iPhone Porn and the “google” neologism juggernaut

    As is my habit, I woke up this morning and reached for whatever new iPhone pr0n was available. Luckily for me, Apple had just thrown up a lengthy (20 mins) new “documentary”/feature propaganda (20 mins) featuring a friendly Apple designer/model/actor. One thing that stood out for me, in between high contrast video of the phone…

  • Genius. Sheer genius.

    pantsketch: Battlestar Galacticsimpsons