Category: Language

  • adds J2ME, mobile world rejoices.

    Q: Can the awesome API reference site get any awesomer? A: Yes, since it’s just added J2ME at the request of yours truly. I love the (Lazy) Interweb.

  • “I Love Me, Vol. I.”

    OMG. I love palindromes. Say it backwards, say it forwards. It’s the same! Get all your literary goodness every day from Jim Kalb’s Palindrome Connection. I’m, alas, a salami! UPDATE: I love them so much I made a cute little palindrome generator. Go to for your word of the day. UPDATE2: I am such…

  • I call bullshit on the OED

    So there I was, casually glancing through a list of some hip’n’tasty neologisms breaking into the charts on Ask Oxford when I came across something absolutely and utterly ridiculous. Tell me if you spot anything wrong with this sentence: Bluesnarfing: the illicit accessing of data from an electronic device such as a mobile phone, PDA,…