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  • iPhone 2.0 Firmware’s Built-in Screen Capture Utility

    It’s the little things that count: one of the best things about the new iPhone 2.0 software is the built-in Screen Capture utility. Smart move, Apple – now all the kids will be flickr’in up their screenshots all day long and documenting iPhone App BSODs – sweet! Built-in Screen Capture Utility: With the iPhone 2.0 […]

  • Nokia iSync plugin for your N95, N95 8GB

    Download it here:

  • Installing RMagick on OS X Leopard

    After the last time, I swore I’d never fall prey to RMagick’s convoluted and painful installation process. Unfortunately, to paraphrase the Giant – it happened again. So, after beating my head against my desk for hours while banging out permutations of “sudo port install ImageMagick” and “sudo gem install rmagick”, I have news for you, […]

  • Shifd launches!

    I knew that Shifd – Nick Bilton and Michael Young’s Yahoo Hack Day-winning project was something special, so I’m stoked that they got a chance to take another crack at it and build it bigger, albeit with slightly less RFID. Fittingly, I read about their launch in the Times piece on Adobe AIR – which […]

  • A great quote at the VLAB panel

    Earlier this week, I participated in an MIT-Stanford VLAB event entitled “Introducing the Seventh Sense: Location Awareness”. The VLAB is a volunteer, non-profit organization promoting the growth and success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures by connecting ideas, technology and people. From my own experience helping out as a volunteer at Mobile Monday NY, I know how […]