• REPORT: Aimlessly skipping past David Hasselhoff and some rather casual strippers

    yesterday. a day glorified by artists as far apart as the beatles and guns’n’roses. a day celebrated by historians for providing them with a raison d’etre. a day universally excised from the memory by those who are rudely excreted into the present through the crusty detritus of eyeballs that refuse to open due to the…

  • Satire in the USA

    Yet another example why freedom of speech is such a potent force in America: The Onion | 31 October 2001 Gore Delivers Emergency Presidential Address Into Bathroom Mirror

  • UPDATE: Holiday in the Middle East

    and so, a day after possibly the most-watched / televised / commentated / media saturated event in the world shatters the tranquility of the new millenium, michael sharon, fearless commando of the new order, packs his hawaiian shirts, his rooibos tea and steps on an el al flight heading for sunshine, rosh hashanah and possibly…

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