Ectoplasmic blogging

I was messing around with some tools that you let you easily edit your blog and I’m still a bit undecided. I tried w.bloggar and I’ve been using Zempt for the last few months and it’s been fairly good. The only drawback was that it wouldn’t let me insert the song I was currently listening to in iTunes (it insisted on using Winamp or [gasp] Windows Media Player). Enter Ecto a descendant of the much-praised Kung Log.

I’ve been playing with it for about half an hour now and it’s working pretty sweetly – the interface is great, the features are cool – apparently you can even edit images (I’m assuming I’ll need ImageMagick server-side tho, because it doesn’t work right now). The only problem I had was when I crashed at startup after giving it a bad API End Point address, but a simple restart sorted that out.

Bobbing my head to Funkstorung:03 Chopping Heads:Disconnected[3:47]