Category: Supercool

  • Socialight launched!

    Well – it’s definitely been a long time coming, but Socialight, the location-based messaging system which I’ve been working for a while is now live! Yay! Yippee! Rejoice! Alright… what’s even more staggering is that this blog is getting updated! Technorati Tags: GPS, socialight, work

  • Buy your own government official!!

    Or least his domain name with which you can make him your mouthpiece. When you think about it it’s not all that dissimilar from actual American politics except that now you 0wn him. Read all about it here and pay using that handy Dropcash badge on your left.

  • I found Miss Yucki

    Okay, well actually maybe not found… but a little bird whispered into my ear about this wonderful site which showcases the lovely Alba & equally lovely Kat’s great custom toys, dolls and accessories. Somebody find them a distributor quick! Miss Yucki is pure concentrated silliness of the very best kind… Currently bobbing my head to:…

  • Muti Monsters

    Alba has been making these cute little ugly dolls called Muti Monsters. This one was inspired by autopsy photographs. I don’t think it has a name yet.

  • The Veg Fairy

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen – Veg Fairy Roasted Eel, made by Vege One company from China. Their serving instructions deserve their own special place on the web, so here they are: Cold Food: After it is defrosted, and cut it into cube piece. Then, mating with favored sauces or mustard paste…