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  • I heart neologisms

    I love words. I love new words. Neologisms tickle my fancy, float my boat and make me laugh and sing. Frankenwords, portmanteaus, newspeak. doublespeak, buzzwords, nadsat. I heart you all. Here’s my top 5 for this week: 1. Ambient Calculus – a form notation used to describe and theorise about mobile systems. (via Wikipedia) 2. […]

  • Quote of the Day

    (13:02:11) ChrisGetsTheGirl: I have a book of taxi-driver-quotations that Robyn gave me years ago… (13:02:20) ChrisGetsTheGirl: My favourite is the one from some Arab dude: (13:02:39) ChrisGetsTheGirl: “Bike messengers. They search for death.”

  • At last – a Pizza Blog

    One of the great things about living in NYC is the enormous numbers of pizza joints in the city – it seems like every three steps you take there will be a hole in the wall ejecting slices oozing with melted cheese and tomato sauce. The problem is, if you’re new in town, it’s fairly […]

  • Songs to wear pants to

    Songs to wear pants to is an awesome site. My roommate Matt just turned me onto this guy – you send him email – he writes you songs. It’s like Eric conveys an emotion but for music – brilliant!