Month: January 2007

2006, I hardly knew ye…

Here’s a quick recap of last year which seemed to fly by so fast I only knew it was over by reading recaps on everybody else’s blog. Since we’re nearly in the second month of 2007, I’m going to sneak my recap in before it’s officially stale.


Best bit: Flying business class to DLD06 with Brad Rubenstein and Andreas Weigend
Worst bit: Mr Unknown-Asshole at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv made me sweat for an entire week (and spend $200 on Fedexing my portfolio to Israel) after he refused to give me a visa without seeing my portfolio. Grr.
Notable for: Meeting awesome folks like Marc Davis, Mor Naaman, Marc Spencer, ITP crew at Etel. Rick Kim, Christian Leybold, Anina, Alex Kummerman at Digital Lifestyle Day. Flying around too much.


Not much happened.

Best bit: A tie between going for drinks with Slavin at the Marriot Marquis and seeing Chinatown at the Ziegfeld with Fitz, Derek & Mary, Talli & Jamie.


Best bit: Being the video switcher guy on a crowded panel at SXSW ’06. Heath Row, ringleader extraordinaire. Scott Heiferman, Dennis Crowley and Molly Steenson rock. Good times.
Worst bit: SXSW hangovers. Losing my fancy black Japanese designer Pumas and my only pair of glasses (still not replaced) to the hotel room.
Notable for: Fantastic people at SXSW including, danah boyd, Eric Rodenbeck, Harry from dodgeball, Liz Lawley, Lili Cheng, Aaron Boodman, Ev Williams, Justin, Matthew Fox from SL, The Limewire girls, Jed Rice, too much tequila. JonV & crew bringing back the ’03 fun to Decibel.


Best bit: Alba finally arrives! Then I make her go to Vegas. Bad move.
Weirdest bit: Walking into Kinko’s and finding a stapler with my name on it. C’mon. Mike Sharon is not a common name.
Notable for: Ipod vending machine in Vegas. Kesh comes to visit. Siegfried and Roy.


I turned 29. Whoop.

Best bit: Rice monster for dinner?
Worst bit: Getting told I was too drizzunk by the clearly incompetent people manning the bar at the MSFT Cruise past Bill G’s place.
Notable for: MSFT Social Computing Symposium, met Joe McCarthy, Liz Lawley, Howard Rheingold, Tom Coates, Joi Ito, Jyri (again), Coldcut, Yoonjung in Seattle, The Robot Co-Op, Seattle.


Best bits: Moved into a gorgeous place in Williamsburg. Fourth of July party at my place!
Worst bit: Wearing shoes that made me feel like a giant chicken.
Notable for: Summer! Yay!

Midnight Madness. Madness. Go Team Ochre. Uh… Spicy Mustard… heh. That’s it.


Best bit: Going to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. It’s official. I love cenotes. They scare me though.
Worst bit: None.
Notable for: Mayan ruins, excessive heat, speaking pidgin Spanish, snorkelling in cenotes. Identity finally got a serious run! Huzzah! I started teaching my first class – Mobile Application Design at ITP.

Best bits: Socialight at the Wired Nextfest was tons’o’fun. Moving into my new apartment while a jazz band played.
Worst bits: Alba going back to South Africa. Moving out of the nice apartment. Sniffles.
Notable for: Meeting the Random International guys, buying Pixelroller art.


Best bit: Getting a Knight Rider gift set from Dan and Phoebe!
Worst bit: Can’t remember.
Notable for: Sitting next to Tero Ojanperä at dinner at the Carnelian Room, Manlio’s birthday at the Hemlock, moving into our new offices


Best bit: A three way tie between relaunching Socialight, watching final presentations for my class and meeting Talli in London.
Worst bit: Too much work. Having to fire someone.
Notable for: Christmas at the Bruton-Seal manor, New Year’s at some dodgy bar, traipsing around London.