Month: February 2006

  • Hot chip

    Hot Chip Pretty damn cool little electro band.

  • He Safire to the facts! [in the style of Cartman from South Park]

    Kottke led me to this post by Wes Felter rightfully criticizing William Safire’s rough’n’far from ready article ostensibly reviewing the jargon of the blogosphere. Among the numerous factual errors, Safire’s primary source for these facts – gets things so wrong it’s almost laughable. Here’s a quick example of their entry for ‘meme’: “A meme […]

  • A modern take on classic video games

    Child’s Play Part II from EGM: Do you feel like you’re in the middle of the Star Wars universe right now? Everybody: No. Parker: It feels like we’re in some barely 3D universe. Me: Awesome. The way all focus groups should be.

  • Commodore 64: The return.

    Alright this made me laugh today. I opened up Opera this morning and went to the View menu, selected Style->User mode and then Nostalgia. Boom. Any web site is now instantly rendered a la Commodore 64 circa 1986. Glorious.