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  • Torrents of music from SXSW.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the enormous number of bands playing at the SXSW Festival in Austin – fear no more. Some enterprising chap decided to download all 3.5GB of the MP3s that SXSW made available and package it all up into a handy torrent file for the rest of us to download from here. […]

  • Rockenspiel and the Roamin’ Catholics trumped by Skull Sküll and the Weekend Nachos

    Jason Santa Maria’s Best Band Names Ever list has just been topped by The Onion’s Worst Band Names Of ’07. I was chuckling the whole time, snorting and hooting at certain points and wondering just how many of these seemed like great ideas after staying up for three nights in a row on mushrooms, speed […]

  • Trying out Songbird Media Player

    iTunes is a fantastic media player that does almost everything I want, but when Raffel prodded me to check out Songbird, I knew this has the potential to be awesome. Here are some initial thoughts: A couple of gripes I had, (because it’s always good to start with gripes): Keyboard shortcuts absent – can’t select […]