Month: July 2006

Cyworld US launches! (now with added bugs!)

The US launch of the supercute Korean social network Cyworld was marred for me (and many others) by a PHP error which prevented me from completing my profile.
Cyworld Buggy

You’d think that the experience of running the largest social network in Korea as well as having branches in Taiwan, Japan and China would have prevented this type of faux pas on day 1.

I guess it just goes to show that no matter how accomplished you are, there’s always room for error.

Bluetooth neologisms and portmanteaus

I was just writing something up for African Communications on Bluetooth, so I did a survey of some of the mashups out there – here is what I found:
Bluejacking – sending unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to any phones in the area. Derived from Bluetooth + hijack, although the only hijacking that occurs is that of the owners attention.

– a media hoax which claimed that people were using Bluetooth to set up random sexual encounters. The idea is great in theory – it’s like a flash mob for your pants! After hearing about it, I’ve always left my Bluetooth on in the hope of being ‘toothed one day by my dream mobile geek girl, but all I get are weirdly named SIS files which make me feel more like I’m being violated than being pursued. *Sigh*. Bring on the next mobile hookup technology please.

Bluesnarfing – stealing information from a wireless device (mobile phone, laptop, PDA etc) over a Bluetooth connection. Since it is a form of theft, bluesnarfing is generally illegal most places they have laws. See my earlier rant about how the OED gives a crap example for this.
Bluetooth fairy – “a person who walks around with the blinking glow of a Bluetooth headset permanently in one ear.” Har har har!

Bluetagging – tagging a photograph with Bluetooth IDs thanks to handy uploaders like Merkitys-Meaning and Chris Heathcote OR bluetooth enabled positioning sensors depending on who you speak to. I prefer the ID tagging definition to the sensor one – they should call those Bleacons or Bluecons or something equally horrid.

Bluechat – uh.. Bluetooth chat. Seriously. That’s it. Nothing more.

Bluedar – Bluetooth + radar. Strangely enough there’s only one entry on this in Wikipedia. Smells like an MIT-only club.

Bluedating – if only this worked! See Bluetooth hoax above.

Seriously folks, it sounds like we need more innovation in the Bluetooth + (insert your favourite activity here) world. C’mon. Bluebiking… Bluehiking… Bluespanking… Bluebanking etc etc ad nauseam. The list is endless. Let’s get some new memes flowing.