Month: January 2008

  • Falling in love with Ingo Maurer

    After Nora dragged me off to the last day of his show at the Cooper-Hewitt, I have a serious crush on Ingo and his endlessly inventive stream of playful, witty lighting installations.

  • 36 Hours in Cape Town

    CAPE Town is South Africa’s Los Angeles to Johannesburg’s New York — the glitzy, gorgeous, self-obsessed foil to its grittier, more serious and more powerful big sister. The New York Times has a decent mini-guide to Cape Town, but they skip out so much of what’s great about the city. I’ll add some of my […]

  • Mechanical Bull 1, Michael 0

    Michael’s turn, originally uploaded by superkb. Manlio was in town, so we took the opportunity to hit up Mason-Dixon, a wholly unremarkable neighbourhood bar, except for one thing – a mechanical bull. Paraphrasing KevinC: “I thought it was going to be gruelling, painful and embarrasingly humiliating, but it actually turned out to be a lot […]