Month: June 2006

  • Free remote backup: passwordless SSH + Rsync

    If you’ve always wanted to backup your files to a remote server, but never really knew how – here’s a quick and easy way to do it: 1. Create a passwordless SSH setup Login into your account on your [Linux, Unix, BSD, OS X] system. Type in ssh-keygen -t dsa Hit Enter three times. This […]

  • Gooooooooaaaaaal!!!

    World Cup ’06 – FINAL: Ghana 2 – USA 1 Go Ghana! You rock! Africa is in the final 16!

  • I call bullshit on the OED

    So there I was, casually glancing through a list of some hip’n’tasty neologisms breaking into the charts on Ask Oxford when I came across something absolutely and utterly ridiculous. Tell me if you spot anything wrong with this sentence: Bluesnarfing: the illicit accessing of data from an electronic device such as a mobile phone, PDA, […]

  • Speaking at Where 2.0, hanging at Hyperlinked Society.

    Giant 2005/6 conference recap coming soon. In the meantime – I’m speaking at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 Conference in San Francisco next week. I’m really excited about this conference – I was so bummed I had to miss it last year due to visa issue. I’m also speaking right at the tail-end of a trifecta of […]