Speaking at Where 2.0, hanging at Hyperlinked Society.

Giant 2005/6 conference recap coming soon. In the meantime – I’m speaking at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 Conference in San Francisco next week. I’m really excited about this conference – I was so bummed I had to miss it last year due to visa issue. I’m also speaking right at the tail-end of a trifecta of mobile locative social people including Walt Doyle from uLocate and Shawn Conahan from Intercasting.

Check out the schedule and give me a shout if you want to meet up.

I’m also hanging out at the Hyperlinked Society conference organized by Joseph Turow in Philadelphia later this week which promises to be tons of hypertextual fun. UPDATE: Couldn’t make this one – Dan is currently enjoying this conference at his alma mater.