Month: August 2004

  • I found Miss Yucki

    Okay, well actually maybe not found… but a little bird whispered into my ear about this wonderful site which showcases the lovely Alba & equally lovely Kat’s great custom toys, dolls and accessories. Somebody find them a distributor quick! Miss Yucki is pure concentrated silliness of the very best kind… Currently bobbing my head to: […]

  • Muti Monsters

    Alba has been making these cute little ugly dolls called Muti Monsters. This one was inspired by autopsy photographs. I don’t think it has a name yet.

  • The Veg Fairy

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen – Veg Fairy Roasted Eel, made by Vege One company from China. Their serving instructions deserve their own special place on the web, so here they are: Cold Food: After it is defrosted, and cut it into cube piece. Then, mating with favored sauces or mustard paste […]

  • I heart neologisms

    I love words. I love new words. Neologisms tickle my fancy, float my boat and make me laugh and sing. Frankenwords, portmanteaus, newspeak. doublespeak, buzzwords, nadsat. I heart you all. Here’s my top 5 for this week: 1. Ambient Calculus – a form notation used to describe and theorise about mobile systems. (via Wikipedia) 2. […]

  • Quote of the Day

    (13:02:11) ChrisGetsTheGirl: I have a book of taxi-driver-quotations that Robyn gave me years ago… (13:02:20) ChrisGetsTheGirl: My favourite is the one from some Arab dude: (13:02:39) ChrisGetsTheGirl: “Bike messengers. They search for death.”