Month: August 2004

I found Miss Yucki

Okay, well actually maybe not found… but a little bird whispered into my ear about this wonderful site which showcases the lovely Alba & equally lovely Kat’s great custom toys, dolls and accessories. Somebody find them a distributor quick! Miss Yucki is pure concentrated silliness of the very best kind…

Currently bobbing my head to: Deck the House from My Way by Akufen

The Veg Fairy

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen – Veg Fairy Roasted Eel, made by Vege One company from China. Their serving instructions deserve their own special place on the web, so here they are:

Cold Food:
After it is defrosted, and cut it into cube piece. Then, mating with favored sauces or mustard paste to get a special taste.
Hot Food:
After it is defrosted, and cut it into cube piece before oil frying. The eel piece will be shortened to be shortened to be available for the all ages.
Grilled Food:
After it is defrosted, and cut it into cube piece being grilled with oven or charcoal. It is most suitable for picnic.

Wish me luck… I’m about to cut it into cube piece and mate it with a favored sauce.

Currently bobbing my head to: Le Desir from Welcome Tourist by B. Fleischmann

UPDATE: Now I know why the Veg Fairy hasn’t busted out into the picnic big league yet – eugh! Actually it was alright until I ate the entire packet. Now I feel sick.

I heart neologisms

I love words. I love new words. Neologisms tickle my fancy, float my boat and make me laugh and sing. Frankenwords, portmanteaus, newspeak. doublespeak, buzzwords, nadsat. I heart you all. Here’s my top 5 for this week:

1. Ambient Calculus – a form notation used to describe and theorise about mobile systems. (via Wikipedia)
2. Nodishness – nodishness is about the boundary between the personal and the collective. (via headmap)
3. Portmanteau / frankenword – a word that is formed by combining two or more words. (okay, not strictly a neologism, but new for me – again via Wikipedia)
4. MoSoSo – acronym for Mobile Social Software. (via Wired Magazine)
5. Relationship – When two people decide to fall in love, usually resulting in lots of stuff for the woman, loss of bank account for the man. It could also end up in marriage.

Quote of the Day

(13:02:11) ChrisGetsTheGirl: I have a book of taxi-driver-quotations that Robyn gave me years ago…
(13:02:20) ChrisGetsTheGirl: My favourite is the one from some Arab dude:
(13:02:39) ChrisGetsTheGirl: “Bike messengers. They search for death.”