Month: February 2007

Vodafone Betavine – a great place to test

Vodafone Betavine looks like an interesting place to test new mobile applications – lots of potential as a free beta test platform with the stamp of approval of a large carrier. Very smart move. This is the perfect place to gather ideas for new applications and potentially snap them up and bring them inhouse. Maybe this move could spark off some US carriers to start their own “beta” playground section which features new applications from independent developers.

Pipes launches!

Congratulations to Daniel and the rest of the team on launching! Pipes is the lovechild of Max/MSP, RSS feeds and the programmable Web and it looks like it’s the mashup tool of the year! I haven’t even had a chance to play with it yet, so I’ll refrain from gushing too much until I’ve mashed up a bit more, but first impressions look great. More lucid and legible prose from Tim O’Reilly, Techcrunch and Anil Dash. Now I’m actually starting to believe that “internet of tubes” guy might actually have been onto something.

Speaking at Yahoo! tomorrow

I’m going to be giving a short introduction to mobile technologies and a one day crash course in Java ME programming at Yahoo! tomorrow. Should be fun, if you’re a Yahoo and in the area, please come on by.

I’ll post full notes when I’m done, but for now, you can check out the details on my wiki. Thanks for organizing this, Dan!