Month: November 2005

  • Ace Bar for sale

    eBay: ACE BAR NEW YORK CITY MANHATTAN EAST VILLAGE BUSINESS (item 4420176447 end time Dec-19-05 16:27:21 PST) Yeah. The Ace Bar in the East Village is being sold on Ebay. I hope it comes with the Hologram Werewolf and the collection of vintage lunch tins – cos those things are worth like 1/2 a million […]

  • I want to teach my phone to sing

    …in perfect harmony. Actually I’ll settle for teaching it a few words. Since switching from a Nokia 6600 to a 7610, back again and then from a 7610 to a 6682, I’ve had to reconfig my phone a few times – but what bugs me the most is reteaching my predictive text engine words which […]

  • 3rd most confusing infographic ever

    As seen at New York City’s JFK Airport. 3rd most confusing infographic ever Originally uploaded by michaelsharon.

  • How T-mobile reinvented SMTP…

    So I was doing a bit of googling to fix up my new Nokia 6682’s email capabilities and I found some useful information via Google and then this complete nonsense (see image on left) from T-mobile – my trusted cell phone provider, to whom I pay large chunks of cash every month to provide me […]

  • 2.0

    Go to the Web Two Point Oh! site and get yourself a new company pre-made for VC loving. I am the President and CEO of the Welsh-sounding Secwy, who specializes in tag-based classifieds via Ruby on Rails. Ah.. the good old days…. found while perusing apophenia