I want to teach my phone to sing

…in perfect harmony. Actually I’ll settle for teaching it a few words. Since switching from a Nokia 6600 to a 7610, back again and then from a 7610 to a 6682, I’ve had to reconfig my phone a few times – but what bugs me the most is reteaching my predictive text engine words which make up my regular sms vocabulary.. things like karaoke, joburg, smooch, socialight, booyakash, shit, frak, fuck.. etc . So I’m thinking that maybe there could be a personal dictionary for predictive text engines which lets you easily transition your lexicon between handsets. As phones become more personal devices, linked to more of the media that we generate, this personal lexicon concept would be extended to other things – like UI themes, wallpaper, ring tones etc. So maybe what I’m looking for is a cross-platform user profile for my handset which I can easily move between phones from different manufacturer’s and different carriers.

This clearly sounds like something that could be achieved by mashing up your social network profile, a mobile UI theme generator and sxip, but I haven’t been able to find anything like it out there at the moment. If anybody hears of anything… send it my way, otherwise perhaps I’ll take a stab at it one of these days.