Month: May 2006

Learn to speak a language

This one landed in my inbox and caused me to convulse with laughter.  I managed to control myself enough to cut’n’paste it. Enjoy.

A soft, cotton cloud landing and worry falls away. You’re in a foreign country now, but things don’t seem so foreign. You’ve planned well. Confidence is on your side when you speak the language. “Take me to the hotel, please… keep the change.” A concierge later and you’re in bed watching their local news, humming “It’s a Small World After All.”

A bit of free time, then that important meeting. Shopping. Definitely! You take in the sights and bites, flash camera lights, and wander through a market’s door. Chocolate, cheese, and bread. So many favorites to bring back, but the setting sun lets you know this satisfying day is almost done. You take a quick detour in search of nightlife and spark enjoyable conversations with the locals. You talk and laugh – a variety of subjects – but when jetlag catches up with you, you know it’s time to call it a night.

Today’s your big day. You warmly greet everyone in their native tongue and engage them with the most tasteful anecdotes from your evening escapade. Everyone’s laughing before you signal that you’re ready to begin. Your proposal resonates with all. You could’ve translated it, but what’s the point? They learn those business terms in English, any way. But you never would have broken the ice in English or caught new sayings if all you did was memorize. It’s your new ability to speak, listen, learn and improvise in another language that built your confidence and rapport. Your [xxxxx] audio course was definitely worth it!

Oh my god. Excuse me while I clean my keyboard, there’s cheese dripping all over it. Ack ack.

Hello Summer.

Hot Hot HotBring on the humidity. Bring on as many blisteringly hot, rivulets-of-sweat-streaming-off-my-body days as I can get. Make my airconditioner work for it’s electric fix.

Living in New York during summertime is one of my favourite things in the world. Most people scurry away to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore to avoid the triple threat of intense heat, waves of tourists and insane queues, but not me. I stay for the concerts, the crazies, the madcap nights roaming the streets when anything and everything seems possible. Yay summer!

Polyphasic Sleep

Hacking your body is old news, but hacking your mind is always fresh. Topics of conversation, like email forwards, seem to spread virally, and one of the topics that dominated conversation at SXSW was sleep. Polyphasic sleep to be exact. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to the stage of wanting to take 6 naps a day, but it’s definitely an interesting way to tweak the conventional human experience.