• How to make friends and confluence people

    During my third semester at school in Clay Shirky’s Social Software class – my group worked on a lightweight multimedia groupware collaboration tool called Catayst which was a fun project but never ended up getting finished. Since then, I’ve been running across many of these tools – such as Ray Ozzie’s Groove but I just…

  • Songs to wear pants to

    Songs to wear pants to is an awesome site. My roommate Matt just turned me onto this guy – you send him email – he writes you songs. It’s like Eric conveys an emotion but for music – brilliant!

  • The Beeb orders you to use Firefox

    Actually, they just mentioned in passing that there is another serious security hole in Internet Explorer and that the US Computer Emergency Reponse Center (Cert) recommends that you should “use a browser other then MS Internet Explorer until the current vulnerabilities in MSIE are patched.” That sounds logical – switch to a browser which hasn’t…

  • Ectoplasmic blogging

    I was messing around with some tools that you let you easily edit your blog and I’m still a bit undecided. I tried w.bloggar and I’ve been using Zempt for the last few months and it’s been fairly good. The only drawback was that it wouldn’t let me insert the song I was currently listening…

  • Photographic Evidence

    I’ve just finished uploading my pictures from the trip to Japan. Check them out here.

Got any book recommendations?