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Wherecamp I went to my second unconference yesterday – the geographically themed Wherecamp SF held at Yahoo’s campus in Sunnyvale. After the great experience I had at MobileCamp a few weeks ago, I was interested to see what the format of this one was like. Ryan Sarver, Leonard Lin, Anselm Hook and everybody else involved did an excellent job of introducing the format and setting the stage for the presenters.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to stay for the full two day neogeographical extravaganza, but I did get to see:

  1. Simon King from Yahoo talk about their incendiary new Project FireEagle (great codename), David Troy from Twittervision describe how he’s enabling light location based messaging/posting through Twitter.
  2. Rich Gibson, Andrea Moed, Duncan McCall and many others in the heated location based stories discussion.
  3. Michael Chang and Aaron Koblin show off a slick OpenGL-laden visualization from Yahoo’s Design Innovation Group which builds on Koblin’s earlier Flight Patterns.
  4. Dens give a talk about location based gaming, including Pacmanhattan and the area/code Plundr DS port.

All in all, fantastic.

Speaking at Yahoo! tomorrow

I’m going to be giving a short introduction to mobile technologies and a one day crash course in Java ME programming at Yahoo! tomorrow. Should be fun, if you’re a Yahoo and in the area, please come on by.

I’ll post full notes when I’m done, but for now, you can check out the details on my wiki. Thanks for organizing this, Dan!