Avast! Evil Comment Spam

Comment spam is the bane of old blogs. I had a couple of blogs that I was running as my school journals which were getting spammed a few times every week with lurid offers of bestiality, incest and pen1s enlargement. As much as I appreciated all the attention my blogs were getting, something had to be done. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Download and install the awesome MT-Blacklist plugin from Jay Allen. Lather. Rinse. Delete.
Step 2: Download and install the MT-Close2 plugin – a wonderful evolution of David Rayners MT-Close script (which didn’t work for me) which was in turn based on this script from Jeremy Zawodny. This handy dandy script closes all comments on your blog before a certain time – say five days – and prevents comment spammers from sowing their evil links deep within the forgotten entries of your blog.

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