Using Mpowerplayer to demo Java ME (J2ME) apps online

Do you write Java ME applications? Want to display the results of your work to visitors like that fancy emulator that comes with Mobile.Processing. Well, Michael Powers (developer of the great MPowerplayer MIDP 2.0 SDK for OS X) has developed a free web emulator you can use in your site. Here’s how in three easy steps:

1. Upload your application’s .JAD and .JAR files to a directory on your website. Make sure you set the MIDlet-Jar-URL property in the JAD file to the full URL of where your JAR file will live. I put mine in, so mine looks like this: MIDlet-Jar-URL:

2. Create a page or a hyperlink which links to your JAD file like the one above.

3. Change your hyperlink to point to the MPowerplayer Demo player by removing the http://, adding, and appending .jnlp to the end. So my link above now looks something like this:

Click here to see it in action.

Bam! You’re done.

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