Using the Nokia N80 as a Bluetooth modem on OS X to dial up to Cingular

After moving into my new space featuring my jazz singer roommate, I immediately noticed that I was missing something. The internet. Fast internet. Slow internet. Easily accessible internet. Any internet dammit. All that was available was a single open Wifi node called Petstore whose lone bar of signal blinked in and out of existence at the whim of the gods. This was NOT going to do.

So, while I eagerly await something approaching decent internet access, I decided to use my brand new Nokia N80 to dial up to the interweb. Since I’d already been doing this happily with my Nokia 6682, I thought it would be a cinch. Uh uh. No go. When I tried to reuse the same connection as before, it would attempt to connect, I would see the Bluetooth busy icon on the phone light up, then I would see the GPRS icon attempt to establish a connection… then…. nothing. Disconnect. Every single time this happened.

So, after a day or two of relentless tweaking, I found a lovely web site called Janice on the Blog which informed in the most polite German, that I need to “Geht nicht – gibts nicht !”. Anyway, a quick trip to Altavista’s Babel Fish translator and I came out with gems like

Note: It can be that it only a Haeckchen under “announcements – network configuration” with your N80 to make must, so that it also emerges:

To cut a long story short, to set up your N80 to dial up to the Internet using OS X on Cingular in the US, this is what you need to do:

1. Download the Modem Scripts from here. Unstuff and move them into your /Library/Modemscripts folder
2. Pair with the N80 as a Bluetooth Device, make sure that you check – Access the Internet, and choose GPRS.
3. Fill in the following details:

Password: CINGULAR1
GPRS CID String: [leave this blank]
Modem Script: NOKIA 3G CID1

4. Go to Network Preferences -> Bluetooth. Make sure the phone number is blank. Click PPP Options, then ensure that both Send PPP echo packets and Use TCP Header Compression are unchecked.
5. That’s it. Dial up and bask in the warm glow that is the internet at GPRS speeds.