Join the British Secret Service on Facebook.

While casually poking around the crack du jour – i.e. Facebook – tonight, I started searching for a friend working at the Intelligence group and Facebook casually informed me that some people from the British Secret Intelligence Service were on there too:
British Intelligence on Facebook

Huh? What? That’s pretty crazy. I mean, I realize that actual people work for these organizations, but don’t you think they’d have some type of restriction on identifying themselves as being part of a covert government organization? Doesn’t this negate the whole point of the word “Secret” in their name?

My next attempt was to see if someone like say Valerie Plame… er… Wilson was on there too?


Sadly, she wasn’t there, and even if she was, it’s too late for her. Some other Facebook-lovin’ recruit of the CIA is just hanging out, waiting to be discovered by the next Scooter Libby. A casual search turned up networks for the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency (which could be the American one or the Indian branch) and not much else. Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet are noticeably absent, as is Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organization, Belarus’ KGB, Russia’s GRU and FSB and other popular covert workplace networks. Luckily, the Watercooler Interrogation Society, and the Boardroom Templars haven’t broken their cover yet. I’m looking at you Dennis, Frank and Kevin. Don’t even think about it.