Upcoming events in October

Forrester Consumer Forum

I’m going to be speaking at a couple of events later this month – next week Thursday, I’ll be in Chicago at Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2007 on a mobile social panel with Nick Tommarello from Urban Interactive and Vidya Lakshmipathy from Forrester. Here’s how they describe the overall conference:

Fueled by cheap devices and pervasive access, individuals are increasingly taking cues from one another rather than from institutions — a phenomenon that creates chaos for traditional brands, sellers, and media outlets.

Sound fun right?

The week after, I’ll be in Palo Alto, on a panel rather aptly named “Introducing the Seventh Sense: Location Awareness“. Sam Altman from Loopt is the speaker, and there are some interesting panelists in the house and of course, it’s in Silicon Valley. Should be a lively event.

Finally – the week after that, I’ll be at the Navteq Connections event and then CTIA. Should be a fun trip. Give me a shout if you want to meet up while I’m out there.