The iPhone SDK

fakesteve on the SDK:

Seriously, folks, it’s game over. This announcement today is as big as the announcement of the original Macintosh in 1984. At airports all around the world they put flights on hold so that people could stay in the terminal and watch the news as it was announced. In Canada they declared a national day of mourning for RIM. It’s that huge. Today, frankly, is a day that will live in the history of our industry. It’s a classic inflection point. Massive disruption. Schumpeter-esque creative destruction. I am sitting here just watching the trailer for “Ironman” with the volume cranked on my stereo and I’m running around going “I … am … Ironman …” in that weird computer voice. Truly, I am invincible. I rule the world. I am the greatest human being that ever lived. I feel just like that friggin Ironman guy, honestly. Bullets cannot pierce my iron skin. Apple is the greatest company in the world. We rock so hard it’s amazing.

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